Publishing on KDP (Amazon) – $240

Standard Print, Non-Colour content.

  • Consultation before committment.
  • Author must supply edited manuscript in MS Word file.
  • Author must supply formatted cover. (Or contract us to supply) 
  • We help to create Amazon account.
  • We format and upload cover and content files.
  • Your choice of standard book sizes.
  • We format and upload eBook files.
  • Set up distribution and sales network.
  • Set up Author Profile.
  • Setup Amazon search profile for book.
  • Assist with set up for your payment from Amazon.


Cover design and setup – $260

Photographic design only. Extra for artistic design.

  • You supply short synopsis of book.
  • You supply back cover blurb.
  • Final design will be royalty free.
  • Cover will be approiate colours. 
  • You will have final approval.
  • Your choice of standard book sizes.


Standard Website & Hosting – $450

  • Complete WordPress website – Up to 5 pages.
  • Including promotional page for books.
  • Easy external post upload for a blog or articles. 
  • Links from books to your purchasing platform (E.G. Amazon, Booktopia etc.)
  • Paypal link up if you wish to sell and distribute from your website.
  • Standard SEO on one page. (More can be negotiated)
  • 12 months hosting and standard maintenence on PDM fast server.
  • Standard Mailchimp subscription email marketing setup.
  • 12 month backup and tech support.



Social Media Marketing – $250

  • Book Marketing Consultation
  • Social Media Consultation.
  • Setup Facebook brand page.
  • Set up Instagram brand page.
  • Set up Twitter brand page
  • Consultation on using pages.
  • Set up of profile and books on Australian Authors Marketplace.
  • Free download of Digit Marketing PDF
  • 12 months tech support.

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