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This first article focuses, as it must, on your product and your intentions for that product. If you intend to sell your work, there are some very important considerations you must explore before you go to market. No publication will sell unless there is an audience interested in its content.

  • Establish Your Audience – You must define your audience. Who will be interested in your publication? When you establish this, you can set out to find them.
  • Refine Your Publication – As with marketing any product, the time, effort and expense you put into marketing your publication will all be for naught, if it is not professionally prepared and presented. Your publication must be desirable, it must capture the imagination of your potential audience.
  • Do You Need Help? – If you are not skilled in editing, layout, cover design etc. you must seek professional help. This is not to say you can’t do it yourself, you can, but you must take the care needed to produce the best product possible.

Take Note of Successful Authors Products – If you’re going to do it yourself, measure your product against the best. Observe bestselling Authors’ layouts and presentations in your genre, and ensure you are up to those standards.

If you are fortunate enough to attract a publisher, they will do most of the heavy lifting for you. But, if you are a mere mortal like most of us, you may wish to go down the Self-Publishing Path.

This will be the last time I will mention “Self-Publishing”. I prefer to call the process “Independent Publishing”, as, rightly or wrongly, the other title has connotations of a second-rate product, and that’s what we are trying to avoid.

Independent Publishing.

If you choose this path, as I did, there is a lot of work involved and it will take you away from your writing.

However, the main attraction to independent publishing is that you have total control of the process from start to finish, including the returns you get from sales. There are still costs you will have of course, depending on how much of the process you take on yourself. However, it is imperative that you get the aspects above right.

I will present the next important steps to publication in future editions. However, if you need help before the next edition, drop me an email –

Product Presentation

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